Wedding/Event Slumber Teepee Corners

Picture this... you’re at a wedding, the sun is setting over the warm tropical sea and everyone is sipping champers enjoying themselves... but your children are bored, sugar crashing and grumpy and most definately ruining the 'moment'!


What if there was a gorgeous area with comfy teepees for your little munchkins to have a play, snooze or do some activities while you enjoy the party and boogie the night away... everyone’s a winner!! If you like, we can even provide a nanny (Just ask!)


- Wedding Corner Hire Price -


- What's included -

We deliver, set up & style your wedding corner and then collect everything when you're finished

Up to 2 wigwams/Teepees

 Rugs, cushions & cute little decorations

fairy lights

1 x Low level picnic table with decoration

Rugs & cushions for seating 

Selection of activities incl. arts/crafts/games

- Additional low table & wigwam -


If you have a few extra kids and a good size space we can add an extra wigwam and low level table for even more fun (& cushions!)

- Bespoke activities -

We've stripped our wedding package back to make it as budget friendly as possible but if you wish to add extra bits to entertain the kids like arts & crafts, games, books, toys, bubbles, lego, etc... just tell us your budget and we'll do the shopping for you & set it all up on the day, leaving it all for you to keep afterwards. 

- Nanny Service -

Available on request


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