Slumber Teepees Phuket

'the best slumber parties in Thailand!!'


An imaginative twist on the classic 'Slumber Party' that will ignite the flame of imagination with a variety of themes for boys, girls

& adults of all ages!

Originally started in the UK in 2018, the Slumber Teepees brand is now available on the paradise island of Phuket Thailand!

In an age where a technological mindset is at the forefront of life, we aim to strip it all back and provide a good old-fashioned (and beautifully styled!) social experience! 

Slumber Teepees will set a magical scene to inspire kids of all ages to laugh out loud, relax & dream big together.


All you need is your best friends and a sense of adventure for the best kids (& grown ups) slumber party experience in Thailand!


Copyright 2018 Slumber Teepees

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